Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cason and his trophy


ok so our pumpkins aren't that spooky. Here are the pupkins we worked SO hard on to make them fabulous. Cason's is the Deer and mine is Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas incase you can't tell what mine is. (I love that movie)

Weekend in Arizona

This past weekend Cason and I went to Arizona to visit my family and Cason went to play in a disc golf tournament.
We had so much fun. we went shopping, ate at a really good hamburger place called Joes in Gilbert Az I think it is on my top 5 hamburger place list. Number one being 5 guys of corse. Then we went to Schnepf Farms. Schnepf Farms is a farm (obviously) but the turn it into a huge pumkin patch carnival place with a corn maze, rides, and junk food. SO FUN. We had a blast. I couldn't ride any of the rides but it was fun to stand in line with my mom for my sister and cousin so they could go from ride to ride.

Cason also took fist place in the tournament he played in. WOO HOO!! GOOD JOB CASON!! He got a huge trophy and everything. I am so proud. It was a fun weekend. Its fun to get away even for a couple days.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So after I posted about the bike ride Cason informed me that I have my information wrong. On Saturday they drove to the North Rim and rode around. Not the whole way. Then on Sunday they did a ride in Zion and that is what one of the pictures is of.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Father son bike ride

This past weekend Cason and his dad went to the Grand Canyon to ride their bikes around the North rim. They got pretty sore but had a lot of fun.

Monday, October 6, 2008

wedding Bells

So as many of you know my brother got married this last week and we spent the week in Salt Lake. The wedding was beautiful and went better than planned. I don't have any pics from the actual wedding yet but i do have pics of one of Cason's favorite part of the wedding his outfit. Our family is very scottish and Irish so the boys wore kilts. They looked very cute.

Quick Update

So I know I haven't posted in like forever. so here is a quick update on what we have been doing.

I had a birthday on sep 9th. It was a good day we went out to triple george for dinner and opened presents. I got everything i wanted. new bedding from pottery barn, brighton jewlery, cute maternity clothes, baby stuff, pedicure and other fun things. Then the celebration continued when we had another big family dinner at the Leavitt's with more presents woo hoo!

Cason has been really busy having a birthday on the 20th of September. we went out to dinner and he opened his presents. Cason got a road bike and a bass pro shop gift card. lets just say he was like a kid in a candy store. he has also been studing SO hard for the LSAT which he took on Oct 4th.

The baby is good. moving around and growing like crazy but he has all his parts and he is a healthy weight and everything couldn't be going better. Another fun fact is my sister inlaw kimi is having a boy too and she is due early Feb so we will have two cousins a month apart so fun.