Monday, January 17, 2011

Maryn Elizabeth

Maryn is growing so fast she is tall and thin for her hight but heavy for her age. She laughs and coos all the time. Shes constantly making noises and laughing at Cale. Shes such a happy baby now that shes a little older and grown out of that awful colicky stage. She eats a little rice and oatmeal but is still learning to eat from a spoon, she spits most of it back out. She sleeps about 12hours at night waking up once sometimes twice, but shes so fun and always makes me smile. I love watching Cale and her play, and I hope he is still nice to her when they grow a little older.

My boy is 2!

I can't believe Cale is two. We celebrated with a BBQ, fire works, set up his little jumpy house, and made tie die cupcakes. He played and played with his friend william and had a blast. I am pretty sure he had a good day.

He is learning new words every day. He calls me Em a lot of the time and he loves to make Maryn laugh.
He also loves to eat pancakes and strawberries and drink milk. (those are the things he asks for the most) He's growing and learning so fast its so fun to see things through his eyes.

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was a fun one. We stayed in Arizona, spent Christmas eve at my parents, had a fabulous dinner ad spent Christmas morning at home.
When Cale woke up at 7 he wanted us to come into his room to play and started throwing a fit when we tried to get him to come see what santa had left him. When he finally did the first thing he saw was his hot wheels and wanted nothing to do with anything else. He eventually opened his presents and Maryn woke up later, in time for Cale to enjoy her toys as well. It was so cute to see his face light up when he opened his gifts and said cool or wow. Its defiantly more fun to be on this side of Christmas