Monday, December 28, 2009

Cales First Christmas

So Cales first Christmas was deffiatly not dull. We drove to AZ on the 22nd and he had a runny nose but we didn't think anything of it. The next two days he got sicker and sicker. Like throwing up coughing weezing and more snott. So we called his doctor to see what she thought and they said to wait it out. I thought so. So we stopped giving him formula or anything with milk in it. After day 6 we took him to quick care and the doctor there said we could give him a LITTLE triamidic to help with his cough so he could sleep he hadn't slept for more that an hour at a time and was exhausted. So we did. That night was hell he didn't sleep at all and neither did we. Then I thought lets not give him any medicine and see how that goes. and it went great. I think he is doing a lot better and he took two great naps yesterday and slept pretty good last night.

Other than that our Christmas was awsome we got everything we wanted and more. It was so fun to see Cale play with all his new toys and slide down his new slide. He is pretty good at doing it all by himself. So smart.

I actually don't have any pics of christmas because I was tired and Cale was crying most of the day, but cason took a lot of video so I don't feel like such a slacker parent.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

busy body

Cale is just into everything these days. He is also very fun to dress up