Monday, August 22, 2011

Maryn's perfectly pink party

For Maryn's birthday we decided to have an all pink party. All the treats were pink and everyone that came had to wear pink. All the presents were wrapped in pink.It was very PINK. I was a little sad she had zero interest in her cupcake so I didn't get a pic of her with a messy face but she had a good time with her new toys and her brother had fun "helping" her open them. Happy birthday maryn! After we put the birthday girl to bed. The grown ups played minute to win it games. too funny!

Peach festival

So every year they have a peach festival out by Queen Creek and we decided to go this year pick peaches and try the peach cinnamon rolls and enjoy our peachy day. Well when we got there it was a little HOT! we didn't last 2 hours but Cale rode the train and we bought some peachy treats. We had a good time but after we were all sweaty grouchy messes. We will have to get up earlier next year :)

Dads root-beer tasting party

For my dads birthday this year we bought a bunch of different root-beers and had a taste test. Then voted on the ones we liked the best, worst, sweetest, ect. Then we had root-beer cupcakes I think we are going to make that an annual event. There are some nasty root-beers out there.

4th of July

SO I haven't posted in forever and I am sure that no one even looks at this anymore but I wanted to document some of the things we have been doing. starting with our 4th of July BBQ. I was 117 that day especially hot here in AZ and so we moved our party inside. We had a hot dog bar and some sides. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast. We moved all the furniture out of Cales room and brought all the outside toys inside so the kids could play.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Small break and projects

So Cason has had a coupe weeks off of school between spring and summer session and in this time we have tried to fit a lot in. We went through all of our junk and I have been throwing everything away (ever get in those moods?) ORGANIZING ORGANIZING ORGANIZING, started a lot of projects (hopefully we finish them before the full blown fall session starts) both cason and I have ADD problems so we work on a project until we get board and then start a new one leaving things unfinished until I get in the mood and finish them. We also spent a lot of time with the kids. We went to an outdoor movie night at the baseball stadium by our house, went swimming almost everyday and just played and played. It is so fun to see them with their dad. He has been gone so much lately for school and they have missed each other.
here are few things we started note these are not pics of my house (i wish) just where i got some ideas.

I have been labeling and organizing the kids toys and clothes trying to get things looking like this..Acutually almost done with this I just need a few more baskets

We need to paint and put up the molding in the bathrooms around the mirror. this was super cheap and looks so nice when finished

This pantry looks so nice and neat I love it. My pantry is teeny but I am working on getting everything into containers and finding labels for them. I cleaned out all the old food and stuff shoved in the panty. its amazing how much room we have now!

I found this pic and fell in love with the colors. I painted an accent wall in my bedroom this blueish color and have fabric for a headboard similar to this. I just have to get the batting and put it together but I am so excited for this one!

these bookshelves are another easy and cheap project I am excited about my shelves are black and I spray painted all the baskets in them white and bought new white accessories for them I just need to find the right paper for the back. I can;t decide between a light blue and white or black and white.

well when I finish these projects I will post some real pics. hopefully soon. Until then I am keeping m eye out for cheap baskets, and a few other things.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New book

The next installment of the Princess For Hire trilogy is out today. Don't be the last to grab a copy

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer Time

Here in the AZ it is getting hot hot hot and I have my eye on a few things
Rosebud salve for my lips. They get so dry in the summer and this stuff is AWESOME

Perfectly pink summer nail polish (this color is infatuation by essie)

some new flip flops. I live in flip flops so I need to replace them every year.
I need a new suit preferably one that is not from Sams Club or Maternity. This one from Jcrew is adorable

Maryn NEEDS this dress from