Friday, January 29, 2010

This kid is such a shmoozer

These were taken before and after we cut his hair. I think I like it a little longer but dang he was lookin homeless

Thursday, January 28, 2010

We are...

Having another baby expected August 10th 2010 not to excited to be huge in the Arizona heat but really excited to have another bundle to snuggle.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project Home renovation

If you haven't already heard we moved to Arizona for Cason's school and bought a house. Yay. What you might not have heard is that we bought a house that needs a little, should we say, TLC.

We got the keys Tues afternoon and imediatly started working. We took the shop vac in and sucked up all the loose dirt, blinds, corners, carpet corners, everything really. then we scrubbed the cabnits, walls, closets, removed doors and took off awful wall paper boarder in two rooms and a bathroom. (never under any circumstances put up wall paper!)

Day 2 started painting, trim, primer, walls, and scrubbed the cabnits again, finished Cales room and bathroom. measured for carpet.

Day 3 started painting the rest of the house. Water got turned off around 11:30am. our fault we forgot to get it switched to our name. So they couldn't turn it on until the next day, so we went shopping. Got refridgerator, lights, garage door openers, chair rail and some other little things. came home took a 3 hour nap. Now getting Cason ready for orientation tomarrow. Tomarrow I am suposed to scrub the grout and clean all the tile.

If there is anything I have learned from this, so far, three day experiance it's

1. some projects are fun (and I and actually enjoying this stessful process.)
2. I will NEVER paint a whole house again. (maybe a room or a bathroom. maybe)
3. I will NEVER own a dog or another cat ( I have seen enough animal hair to last me a lifetime.)