Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jane Austin Book Club

So I recently rented this movie and absolutely loved it. I need to buy it for sure for those days i am home alone and need a good movie to watch and eat ice cream in my bed. Anyway i wanted to read the book but i have a lot of books on my list right now and didn't want to wait. (Lindsey and Kimi and Mom if you guys are reading this i am open to your recommendations for other books to read)

Do Dreams Really Come True?

While we were visiting AZ we went into a motorcycle shop and "shopped" around for a bike. We made a deal that he can have one after he graduates UNLV and gets good grades. Hey everyone needs a little incentive right?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break

So spring break is almost over :( it was too short, as most breaks are, but it was a good one. This first weekend my mom and brother came down to help Cason and I move. After that my mom and I went to Salt Lake for a quick visit, shopping and to help my brother get settled up there. Then Cason and I came down to Pheonix where we have had SO much fun watching basketball, shopping, visiting Scottsdale, watching basketball, shopping some more and did i mention watching basketball. All in all it was an awsome spring break and i am not excited to get back to real life.