Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer Time

Here in the AZ it is getting hot hot hot and I have my eye on a few things
Rosebud salve for my lips. They get so dry in the summer and this stuff is AWESOME

Perfectly pink summer nail polish (this color is infatuation by essie)

some new flip flops. I live in flip flops so I need to replace them every year.
I need a new suit preferably one that is not from Sams Club or Maternity. This one from Jcrew is adorable

Maryn NEEDS this dress from

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

Cale was having none of the posing but we did get his hair done before church!


This Easter was so fun and jam packed with fun activities. Friday we did a BBQ and egg hunt at the park and the kids played and played I don't think Cale came to talk to me at all the whole time we were there. The weather was perfect and Maryn fell asleep in my arms, it was very fun. Saturday morning I took Cale to a pancake breakfast and egg hunt with my parents( Maryn stayed home to have a nap and Cason stayed home to study :( ) Saturday afternoon we went to the Surprise Eggstravaganza where the had a bunch of candy and plastic eggs on two of the spring training fields and let the kids go by age group onto the field and pick the place clean. I don't think I have ever seen candy picked up faster. They also had face painting food and a lot of jumpy houses. Later that day we had a nap then colored eggs. Sunday we went to my parents for dinner and decorated cookies. The kids were both asleep by 7:00 that night and Cale was a little sun burned but It was a lot of fun.

Spring goodness