Saturday, June 19, 2010

Awesome Show

My mom sister and I all went to see In The Heights a the Gammage theater. I had only heard about it but had no idea of the story. It was so so good. The music was upbeat and fun I would defiantly recommend it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Date Night at the Hospital

So we went to Las Vegas this last week with plans to stay for a couple weeks. When we got there Cale got sick with a fever and runny nose, Cason got food poisoning, and I had some pain in my lower back. People started to feel better and I just thought I was having some back pain like pregnant women do and ignored it. The next day my pain was defiantly in my right kidney and excruciating. I called my Dr. to see what was up and he said he needed to see me right away the pain could send me into labor.

So we threw everything in the car and drove home. Met my mom at the hospital she took Cale and we went to see the Dr. They hooked me up to monitor and the baby was fine. I was having cramps but nothing serious. The did some blood work and decided that it was a kidney stone and infection so I was admitted and pumped full of antibiotics, pain killers, and fluids. For 24 hours.

Cason came by with my dinner and we had a little date night in my room. I sent him home to sleep. The drugs they gave me totally knocked me out so there was no use in him staying. The next day we monitored the baby some more and she was moving well and looking good so they said I could go home if I promised to stay in bed, take my medicine, and drink lots of water.

I have to be on an antibiotic until the baby is born and the Dr. also said that my kidneys might not be feeling normal until the baby is born. So far I have been feeling a lot better.

Thanks Cason for taking such god care of two babies and the house. Also thanks to my mom who takes cale for a while so we can have a little break.