Monday, January 28, 2008

This is havasupai were Cason and I are going backpacking with my family in May and we are so excited

Thursday, January 17, 2008

 And this was the vitamin factory where we suppose to go after. but as you can see it was closed.
This is Cason and Rico at the chocolate factory with Ashlee and me.
Nate and Cason at the science park in AZ

All of the family standing in front the best pizza place in the world (for real) 

The cutest little boy ever. My nephew Metz eating noodles. Thats all he will eat.

All of the participants in the annual Leavitt eating competition. McDonalds double cheese burgers (yummy)

Sadie and I at the science museum in Phoenix i can't belive shes taller than me now

This is us attempting to take a Christmas card photo. So now you know why we took a more professional route

The New Year

Well January is almost over and it is time to do it all again. School will be starting up again soon, and thats always fun. We spent Christmas at my parents house in Pheonix and we had SO much fun. I will post pictures when i find the cord that allows me to put pics on the computer. We are planning a couple of backpacking and whitewater rafting trips for May and July which I am so excitied for.